Thursday, 28 October 2010

should visit site more also new manga and dvds

should check blog more silly me

so been busy with work, collage so here is what i have recently brought. memories and metropolis on dvd just came back in stock on amazon uk and wanted for a while. ghost in the shell manga 1.5 and 2. the amazingly bad knock off sherlock holmes and them a 50s monster mash film. also got my preorder of vol 7 of the melancoly of haruhi suzumiya. anybody else having problems with iphone and picture flipping?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

October purchases

fear effect retro helix and tekken 2 on ps1, lost at sea , they live, ninja ressurection dvd, enter the wu tang 36 chambers cd, garth marenghis darkplace dvd, yotsuba vol 1, neo magazine, shogun assassin and way of the dragon on dvd. i have enough stuff to last me for a while